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Advantages and disadvantages of internet
The internet is a very useful tool in modern society because it helps us all to either search for a task to a variety of things-
But just as it is also a good tool may create an addiction to the person because of the wide variety of social networks created on it.
A clear example would be the facebook is a page where users enter million use it daily and more than eight hours a day and it is believed that can lead to an addiction since the applications of the new cell and bring the aplicion and not necessarily turn your pc.
But it also has its advantages it also has disadvantages since there may register millions but to register the network asks us personal data but they can be used by people who are out to steal accounts to make a distortion or something with this in our family because we do not read well before starting to fill key formats and use very short but that's because we can forget or that any thing.
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